Curb 1.0

Trash files from removable media


  • Secure remove
  • Easy to use


  • Only works with removable media

Very good

With removable media such as USB keys, because you tend to transfer files rather frequently, you can end up with a lot of unnecessary clutter. Curb helps you clean up all the mess on any removable devices.

This nifty little application works very easily. Just drag and drop your removable media onto the interface and Curb will take care of removing the trash. A little progress bar will appear, showing you what you are erasing. Curb includes Secure Remove, of which you can select several options: single pass, 7 pass, 35 pass or zero out blocks after overwriting. Generally single pass is enough to safely remove all your trash, however if you are worried about your privacy you should turn to one of the other options.

Curb is really a great trash removal program, not only because of its simplicity but also thanks to the Secure Remove feature. In a sense, it's a shame that it's only built for removable media, as I'm sure it would also come very handy as a normal removal tool.

Curb is a simple, drag and drop trash removal tool for USB, with a good Secure Remove feature.

Curb is designed to facilitate emptying the trash from removable media such as USB Keys.

When files are deleted on removable media, it is stored in a special trash folder on the media. These files take up room, robbing your drive of free space. Ordinarily to remove these files the user must empty their own trash, which includes files you’ve deleted on the local system. This is not always desirable.

With Curb, emptying trash from a USB key becomes as easy as drag and drop. Drop any number of mounted USB keys onto Curb and each one will have the trash removed, all without losing your local trash.

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